Saturday, June 21, 2008

Friday, June 20, 2008

Aaron Armour

Aaron Armour from Lake Village Arkansas is one of the most talented football players to ever have come out of the small town of Lake Village. He not only set a high school rushing record as a sophmore but went on to have a successful football career on the Marines team right after high school. From the pros to semi-pro back to the pros and then back down again, this guy has had his share of ups and downs but still remains on top. There was a blog that I read a few months ago that was published by an unknown lady by the name of Dallasgirl in 2006. It seems as though she went out of her way in efforts to ruin the name and the credit of Aaron. It's clear that all the information she posted was wrong. To no avail; in an interview with Mr. Armour when asked about the young lady his comment was " Everyone has fans, sometimes you have fans that know little about you and then there are ones that know nothing about you but they all claim to know your life story and then you have loyal fans that will be with you even after the lights go off in the stadium and you walk out for you last time. Those are the people that I really care about. You all can have the blogs and all the drama that comes along with that". With that being said, I didn't need to ask anymore questions. For the record, this guy has over 4 million reasons to laugh at comments and with the undisclosed amount of money that he recieved last year it's no wonder why he's laughing all the way to the bank.